It’s Time To Go

Jesus was a master planner. He knew when to wait and pray and He knew when to step out and act. There is a time for both. There is a season of consideration and planning, and then there is a season of acting and carrying out the plan. Wisdom demands both seasons. If we act […]

A Bump In The Night

I’m suddenly wide awake. I thought I heard a sound coming from the front door. I’m a bit groggy. I lay still and listen intently. A few minutes go by and I hear nothing else. I think of the big stick I have under the edge of my bed. It’s a handy way to pound […]

My Name Is In The Book

Today I sit in the snow and I am freezing cold. I open the box; pull out the little book inside. I flip through the book to the next empty line and I sign my name and write the date. I pass the book to my buddy and he enters his John Hancock. We close […]

Shoes That Don’t Fit!

Why do these kinds of things happen to me every so often? Not all the time, but frequently enough to show me there is a pattern. I regularly find myself is strange predicaments. Tonight I’m sitting on the dugout bench on the local softball field. Our church men’s softball team is getting ready to play […]

Shattering The Myths Of Our Faith

Hello everyone, This Sunday I am starting a new series on Sunday morning and I would like your input. I am looking at some of the myths that Christians tend to believe. Such as: God spares Christians from having major setbacks or defeats; If we do it must be our own fault. Or: Christians who […]

God Doesn’t Forget

This afternoon I’m sitting behind Roy. He is the pastor of a small church in a small town. Today we are at an annual conference we both attend. Roy is now in his sixties and he is winding down his ministry journey. Sitting directly behind him I notice the back of Roy’s head; he appears […]