September 6 to October 25, 2017

5:30-6:30 pm – Dinner

6:30-8:00 pm – Nursery, Children’s Program, Jr. & Sr. High, Adult Studies

8:00 pm – Fellowship


 Nursery to 6th Grade—Check-in at KidCheck Kiosk—Beginning @ 6:25 pm

Nursery/Child Care, Birth through Preschool – Room 104

Children’s Program, K-6th Grade – Room 103 (Gracetown)

On September 13, K-6th will begin a 7-week series called “God: The Creator King”.  This series will focus on the beginning of earth and God who brought it to existence.  The children will learn about the Bible as God’s message to all people, how they can know God their Creator, what Jesus did to save them, and what role the Holy Spirit can have in their lives.

Jr. High (Room 204) and Sr. High (Room 205)

Doctrine by Francis Chan
Knowing the Truth and Acting On It

What are the essential beliefs of Christianity? And how should a healthy understanding of doctrinal issues—like The Trinity, the Church, sin and salvation—impact the way we live and act toward God and others?

We will all face times where our faith will be challenged either by other people or by difficult circumstances. That’s why it’s critical that we have a foundational knowledge of the core beliefs of Christianity and a willing heart to obey God.

In these seven dynamic sessions, students share real-life stories about their own struggles to live out the essentials of their faith on a daily basis. And Francis Chan provides powerful teaching from Scripture to help teens understand the core of our Christian faith.


Class Offerings:

  Christmas Desserts Choir – Pastor Lorin Miller

If you enjoy singing and desire to be a part of a marvelous community outreach, please consider spending the fall session with the Desserts Choir. Performances are scheduled for November 30–December 3.

The Strategically Sent Church – Pastor Steve Kellar

Using the Gospel of John we will come to understand what it means to be “Sent by God”. Pastor Steve will dig into the scriptures endeavoring to discover what Jesus meant, when He said, “As the Father has sent me, so also I am sending you”. Over 50 times, in this one book of the Bible, this critical concept is continually on the lips of Jesus, why? Join us in this journey of discovery from the Gospel of John. (No fee–materials provided)

Chosen-When God Calls Your Name – Pastor Dave

You have a mission in life, whether you fully understand what it is right now or not. God partners with human beings to accomplish His purposes. He chooses, He calls, and He leads. So what do you do when He has chosen you?  A close examination of the life of Mary, the mother of Jesus from the Gospel of Luke shows that navigating the path He has chosen for you in obedience brings clarity and blessing. ($10.00 participation fee due first night of class)

Living Out God’s Dream of Me – Pastor Phil

When we have children we dream of the life they will lead. We have hopes and aspirations of what these little ones will become as adults and the impact they will have upon their generation. Well, God has dreams for us as well. We are His children. He has hopes and aspirations of what He wants each of us to become. Using the Scriptures as our guide, this study will unpack seven specific aspects of life and how God speaks into those areas. it should be said of us that we are daily changing into what God intended us to be; changed lives helping to change lives. Come and explore the life God dreams of for you. (No fee—materials provided)

Women’s Story Groups – Various Leaders

Consider joining a small group of women for an opportunity to dive into scripture, pray, and share in one another’s stories. Come and see what God is doing in the lives of women at the church as we grow together in unity, mentorship, and understanding of our unique callings.  (No fee)