ONE Mission Trip Opportunity REMAINING in 2017 to Philadelphia

Urban Hope is a ministry located in the heart of Philadelphia’s socially depressed inner city. Faith and encouragement are brought to
people who live without hope. By imparting the love of Christ, lives are miraculously transformed as God’s redemption and grace
is extended to people who live in one of our country’s most desperate urban areas. The mission is to take the love of Christ to
a community whose only hope is Christ. But be warned, you will be changed as you stand alongside hurting and distressed people.
You may, for the first time, truly “see” those in our society who go mostly “unseen”, and learn how similar we all are.
For more information about Urban Hope Training Center, click HERE.

September 19-25 Carnival of Hope
A great week of training and then hands on experience. Join the crazy fun packed Saturday event
closing down 4 blocks in the neighborhood: face-painting, dance crew, free food, sharing Jesus and much more.
Cost apx $750-$800*
Application due NOW. Spots still open!

* Cost depends on airfare


For more information about these mission trips, contact Meredith Jordan (Missions Admin) at or 530-823-8330