Phil’s Travel Blog – October 12, 2016

Phil’s Travel Update #3:  I am in Kenya right now and will join the Ancient Promise team next week. Here is an update from them:

We are sending a quick update on the trip. Internet is down throughout the nation and we can only get out communication through phone calls and if someone has a DSL connection. We are in an internet café that is very crowded and have little time.

We have had a very challenging week. It seems that there is unrest in many of the neighboring countries and even up north to the border from here. Many of our international students have been affected. Please pray as some of our people from neighboring hostile countries have been forced to go home or were never able to get across the border.

We have an amazing man of God from SS who is being required to leave on Saturday short of the training. Our heart breaks for T.  He is deeply grieved. He told me today that this training is what he has been praying for.

We still have a strong class that is growing together across denominations and cultures. We still have five nations represented but are deeply grieved that some have struggled so much to get here and others to stay. Please pray for those remaining that God will be glorified and they will be able to learn all that God has in His heart for them.

Again thank you for all of you prayers and support. We are so deeply grateful for all that God is doing!

Many Blessings to you all,

Robbie Harrington

Diana Berns

Brad Felce


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