Phil’s Blog – September 2016

By the time you read this blog kids should be back in school, summer vacations just a memory, and hopefully life is stumbling into something that resembles a routine. The same is true for our church. This time of year we gear up for another adventure that takes us through next May.

As I glance at the calendar of coming events I feel excited and expectant. I am excited because I know this coming year will be filled with events and gatherings that will change lives. I am expectant because, without exception, God does solid work in the lives of families during this season of ministry.

As you begin to pencil in your weekly calendar of events, let me encourage you to include the weekly and holiday gatherings happening at your church.

Wednesday Night Live is kicking off on September 7. This session will run for nine weeks. Dinner will once again begin at 5:30 PM and be served until 6:30 PM. Following a short time of worship together, we will all be dismissed to our classes. We will conclude with coffee and dessert at 8:00 PM. We have programs for the entire family. Look in the bulletin or the website for the class options.

The holiday season is always special… Our annual Church Family Thanksgiving Dinner is set for Sunday, November 13 at 6:00 PM at the Fairgrounds. Our Christmas Desserts are scheduled for Thursday through Sunday December 1-4; this is a special place to bring a friend and enjoy the beginning of the Christmas season. Then our annual Christmas Eve services… both Christmas Day and New Year’s Day are Sundays this year. Stay tuned for special Sundays to finish this year.

So as you pencil those kids sporting events, those office parties, or those weekend get-a-ways, be sure to include your church family events. You will be missed if you’re away and you’ll be blessed if you show up.

I love being your Pastor, see you on Sunday.

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