God’s Gender Identity

I recently shared two Sunday messages on same-sex attraction. One cannot talk about this topic without considering two thoughts. First, gender must enter into the discussion. Second, Genesis 1 must be explored. In Genesis 1 we have God’s creation of gender. Verse 27 simply states, “In the image of God He created him; male and female He created them”. Gender discussion in the Bible began in its very first chapter. This is significant.

Notice we first learn that God created humans ‘in His image’. So whatever we are is a reflection of His nature and His essence. God infused His image (in verse 26 God uses the word likeness) into the human race. He did not do this for the animal kingdom or the eco systems, although God’s attributes can be seen in them. He reserved His likeness and image exclusively for humanity. Notice also that this image is infused into both genders: ‘male and female He created them’.

God’s image is contained in both human genders. God possesses both masculine traits AND female traits. He has a manly side to His   nature. He is a warrior God and is as tough as a Special Forces soldier battling ISIS. At the very same time He has a feminine side to His nature. He nurtures and holds children on His lap. He is tender and weeps with those who weep. God’s image is a beautiful combination of complete masculinity and femininity! This is God’s story of creation. His image and likeness reflected in human genders.

So if we want to see a complete reflection of God we look at when human masculinity and human femininity come together. The only place this complete human union takes place is in human marriage. When a man and a woman come together in matrimony, are joined for life, and consummate that marriage sexually it makes them one. This masculine and feminine oneness is the most human picture of God on earth. A husband and wife living together in complete union (physically, emotionally, spiritually, sexually, and covenantally) is our most complete reflection of God, apart from Him personally stepping out of heaven and visiting us.

This is why three human elements should be considered sacred. Sacred because they are irreplaceable parts of God’s image reflected in us. First, gender is sacred. God made us either male or female. Our DNA proves this out. Messing with gender identity classifications leads to a distortion of what God looks like. Second, marriage is sacred. If the union of one human from each gender is how God reveals Himself then we need to not be messing with marriage. When we broaden marriage it too, like expanding gender identity, distorts our view and understanding of the Person of God. Finally, sex is sacred. If the act of sex is what makes two humans move into oneness, which reflects the oneness of the Triune God, then we should not mess around with the sacredness of sex.

In conclusion, since God intentionally revealed His image and His likeness in our genders, our marriage, and our sexual intimacy, humans should not rush to redefine these things. When we do so we distort His image. It should come as no surprise that cultures that redefine gender, marriage, and sex also have a very different view of who God is and what He is like. All of this is tied together because God tied them together. This is His story of how He chose to reveal His image among humanity.

Let’s be the guardians of God’s image. Let’s protect the sacredness of gender, marriage, and sex. We guard these great elements by living them out as He says is best. In doing so we brighten the picture of God within our culture. And boy does God’s image need to be brightened up!

I love being your Pastor. See you Sunday.

Pastor Phil

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