Dave’s Monday Blast – November 20, 2017

As we enter the traditional season of giving thanks, according to Colossians 2:7, we should always be “overflowing with gratitude.” Oftentimes we only think about the external blessings God has given us, such as good health, family and physical provision, but let’s not overlook the spiritual blessings that come to us through our relationship with Christ.
Pastor Charles Stanley – Spiritual Blessings:
1. Our thanksgiving should begin with the realization that God alone is responsible for our salvation. He chose each of us before the foundation of the world (Eph.1:4) and gave us the gift of faith so we could believe in Him (Eph. 2:8). From that point forward, the Lord works in us to develop godly character. He has given us His Holy Spirit to seal us as God’s children, guide us into truth, and empower us to obey and serve Him. These reassuring truths should fill us with gratitude.
2. Second, we now have the incredible privilege of walking with Christ. Although we cannot see or touch Him, His presence is always with us. Paul tells us in (Col. 2:6) that we walk with Him in the same way we received Him…by faith. We have the promises in His Word to strengthen our faith and guide our steps, and when we don’t understand some of life’s situations, we can trust that He will always lead us in the best possible path according to God’s will.

3. Third, having been firmly rooted, we are now being built up in Christ (Col. 2:7). Like a large tree with deep roots that stands strong in the storm, our relationship with Christ is rooted in God’s Word, which can never fail. We know we are eternally secure; no one can take from us our position in Him. He’s also promised to meet all our needs, so we can be at peace as we recall His faithfulness. And we should have joyful anticipation for the future, since we know that Jesus is preparing a place for us in heaven.

4. Fourth, we are also being established in our faith just as we were instructed (Col. 2:7). The Scriptures always instruct us in truth so that we will not be swayed or deceived by false religions, philosophies, and ideas. Christ is actively protecting us with the truth of His Word. We can have grateful confidence in His protection as long as we make sure that we are reading the Bible and listening to sound teaching.

These are just a few of the many benefits that are ours in Christ Jesus and that should cause us to overflow with thanks. A grateful heart is an expression of His indwelling presence. In fact, we can evaluate our relationship with the Lord by our degree of gratitude. If we’re thankful, we won’t complain about our circumstances because we’re focusing on what He is doing in our lives.

Thankfulness is an INTENTIONAL choice we can make daily. IF it is lacking in our lives, we must decide that we want to change. If we’ll start recognizing and acknowledging God’s wonderful blessings and ask Him to give us a grateful heart, He will begin transforming our lives. Then we live more in step with Christ.

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