Dave’s Monday Blast – November 13, 2017

Can you believe that we are nearing another Thanksgiving season! Honestly…it is my favorite holiday. I grew up in the mid-west and vividly recall the sights, sounds, and smells of this particular season. Although the Thanksgiving tradition began in 1621 when the Pilgrim colonists declared a day of thanksgiving in gratitude to God for His bountiful provision of fall harvest, it was not until 1863 when the current version became official during the tenure of Abraham Lincoln.

Looking back at our nation’s focus on gratitude to God, it could be disheartening to see all the distractions of Thanksgiving Day today. Amidst the feasting, football, and early Christmas shopping, it’s easy to lose sight of the original purpose for the holiday…to simply give thanks to Him for all His provisions and blessings. Has something happened to our sense of gratitude?

The sin of ingratitude began early in human history in the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve decided that what God had given them was not enough. Although He had provided a perfect environment with abundant fruit from every tree except one, Adam and Eve weren’t satisfied and wanted more. When they ate from the one forbidden tree, sin entered the world and spread to all mankind.

Anytime we aren’t satisfied with what the Lord has given us, and decide we want something outside His will, we are expressing ingratitude. Yet those of us who know Christ as Savior have so many reasons to be thankful. In fact, according to Colossians 2:7, we should be “overflowing with gratitude.” Oftentimes we only think about the external blessings God has given us, such as good health, family, and physical provision, but let’s not overlook the spiritual blessings that come to us through our relationship with Christ. Next week I want to share four truths from Dr. Charles Stanley about these incredible spiritual blessings that are ours in Christ Jesus.

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