Dave’s Monday Blast – January 22, 2018

Recently we have been unpacking Psalm 103 where the Lord promises specific benefits to those who claim Him as their Lord. These benefits or promises are what our Lord is resolved to do for His children.

From last week: Benefit #1: God forgives all our iniquity (v. 3a); our sins are removed and forgotten. He pardons us and places us in good standing.

New this week: Benefit # 2: God heals all your diseases (v. 3b). “Heal” translates the from the Hebrew as”repairs, sews together, mends, rebuilds.” “Diseases” has to do with every kind of illness, no matter its cause or symptoms.

Pastor Jim Denison comments: “David did not mean that God promises eternal physical life on this fallen planet. That would actually be a fate worse than death. Imagine having to live forever in this sinner-wracked world. Even if God healed every physical disease you faced, ultimately, because we are mortal, we would loose loved ones and would be separated from them forever. In addition, you would live eternally without ever knowing your Lord face to face.

In this passage David refers to all the ways God heals. Sometimes He heals us physically, as when Jesus healed leprous bodies and raised dead ones. Sometimes He heals us emotionally and spiritually, as when Jesus forgave and restored the Samaritan woman at the well. Sometimes He heals us eternally by taking us from our fallen bodies into His glorious paradise.

David elaborated: ‘As a father shows compassion to his children, so the Lord shows compassion to those who fear him. For he knows our frame; he remembers that we are dust’ (vv.13 -14). He knows that we are weak, frail and fallen. He knows that we need his healing touch every day of the year.” That’s good isn’t it!

So, my friends, when you face physical challenges (or other brokenness) in the coming year, give them to God. Ask Him to heal you in whatever way is best for you. These will be INTENTIONAL acts based on faith. Know that He can still do all He has ever done. And trust Him for what is best. We serve a God who heals. Why is this promise relevant to you today?

Next week benefit # 3: God redeems you! (v. 4a)

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