Dreams Fulfilled

Can a dream really come true? Can a deep longing become a reality? Does this life offer anything other than toil and disappointment? Does God really still restore, renew, and part the waters? Historically God has given people hopes and dreams and then fulfilled them. The Apostle Paul wrote that God is able to do […]

It’s Good to Feel Small Sometimes

Today I’m in the mountains. I love the rugged high country. As I look out from my chair I see a body of water gently lapping along its banks. I see beautiful forests of vivid green. Beyond the forest are a series of mountains all around. Some of the peaks still have fingers of snow […]

Who Are You Reaching Out To?

Today I’m driving home thinking about the Sunday service that just finished.  The weather is warm and the afternoon is going to be a bit busy with family activities.  It will be great to spend time with those close to me and share a delicious meal. I’m thinking about the passage of Scripture we focused […]

Taking Risks

I remember my first Easter as Pastor in Auburn.  I was excited and had some grand ideas for our congregation. We all needed a successful something. After all the negative events of recent months our church needed a real positive. So six or seven weeks prior to the holiday I announced a planning meeting to […]

God Brings Life from Death!

I have a confession to make; I have always loved monster movies. Since the time I was young I have been captivated by Frankenstein and the Werewolf.  When we would visit my grandparents in Southern California my brother, my uncle, and I would stay up late and stare at a little black and white TV my […]

The Resurrection

This morning I’m standing in the New Auburn Cemetery. The weather is clear but cold. People are driving single file through the narrow roadway and parking bumper  to bumper like a long row of train cars. Slowly each car empties and slowly each person walks to the tent with the mound of dirt covered by […]

Two Books

I was walking through the parking lot, going into Safeway to buy some milk and eggs, when I noticed two books resting inside the back window of a car. Both were blue hardback books. They looked to be rather new yet obviously had been read. There were some other papers on the windowsill as well, […]

Fretting Over Food

This morning I’m standing in the kitchen looking out the window into the back yard. After these last storms I refilled the birdfeeder in the tree and this morning there are a couple dozen birds trying to get at it. There are birds of various colors and shapes. They must be hungry because the feeder […]

From Deathbed to CEO

This morning I’m sitting in a small room in Kenya, Africa. The room has concrete walls and a concrete floor. The wooden chairs are covered with thin pads and green sheets. There are six African women inside along with our AGCC team of Kent, Lawrence, and myself. When we arrived a few minutes ago the […]

And Then I Turned 50 – October 2014

Oh how quickly the body can change. Like a marble    rolling off the edge of a table, the direction of life can change so fast. Decades of consistency can, in a matter of a few months,   become inconsistent. Years of free movement and agility can dissolve into slow reactions and aches and pains. The mind […]