Phil’s Travel Blog – January 9, 2017

Chile Update: By day, the team is hard at work building a home for the family pictured above. By night, fellowship takes center stage as the community preps for Sunday church dinner after worship in Iloca. Everything is going really well, and we are sincerely grateful for your continued prayers and support.

Phil’s Travel Blog – October 17, 2016

Phil’s Travel Update #4: Here is a photo of part of the class working on the material of “How to Study the Bible”. It has been fun to see their hearts and minds being opened as they gain deeper understanding. Our time here is very productive. Jesus is being made famous in Ethiopia. Thanks for […]

Phil’s Travel Blog – October 12, 2016

Phil’s Travel Update #3:  I am in Kenya right now and will join the Ancient Promise team next week. Here is an update from them: We are sending a quick update on the trip. Internet is down throughout the nation and we can only get out communication through phone calls and if someone has a […]

Phil’s Travel Blog – October 11, 2016

Phil’s Travel Update #2: This is a picture of a dear woman, Beatrice, and her children in the Kibera slums in Nairobi that we were visiting. Beatrice was discovered almost at the point of death with HIV. Through the ladies of the WEEP Center she has been brought back to health and is learning a […]

Phil’s Travel Blog – October 3, 2016

Phil’s Travel Update #1: Still on my way to Ethiopia. Sitting in Paris airport waiting for my last leg of the trip there. I was here long enough today to slip out and see the Eiffel Tower. Pretty incredible structure.  View from the top was awesome.  

Phil’s Blog – October 2016

Today I’m writing in an anniversary card. The card is for Ruth. It’s Ruth and my 32nd. Thirty-two years of marriage. As I pause and just look at that number it seems impossible.  Subtract thirty-two from 2016 and you can figure out what year we were married. We aren’t doing anything major for this anniversary […]

Phil’s Blog – September 2016

By the time you read this blog kids should be back in school, summer vacations just a memory, and hopefully life is stumbling into something that resembles a routine. The same is true for our church. This time of year we gear up for another adventure that takes us through next May. As I glance […]

God’s Gender Identity

I recently shared two Sunday messages on same-sex attraction. One cannot talk about this topic without considering two thoughts. First, gender must enter into the discussion. Second, Genesis 1 must be explored. In Genesis 1 we have God’s creation of gender. Verse 27 simply states, “In the image of God He created him; male and […]