A Very Proud Pastor

Today, as I sit at my desk, I have a huge grin on my face, my heart is full of joy, my shirt buttons are popping off due to how proud I feel (not how stuffed I am), and there is almost a tear in my eye! I am reading the report of how our congregation gave back this holiday season, how we shared the Lord of Jesus to our community and to one another.

Some shared His love through acts of service by volunteering, some by giving gifts to others in need, and some by sharing their hard earned cash to help a stranger or brother in Christ.

Here are a few of the statistics I’m looking at:
• Christmas Desserts – Over 80 people in the cast and crew… 45 volunteers helped to serve… 1000 people attended, many hearts were changed!

• Operation Christmas Child – 425 boxes were collected

• Children’s Musical – 33 kids in program… Way to go Wendy, Jeanette, and Lara!

• $1358.00 was raised from the Junior High Enchilada sale… these funds bought gifts for needy people in our community.

• $4,155.00 was given in the Thanksgiving offering

• $4,339.00 total given to Deacon’s Fund; these funds help needy families within our congregation.

• Dozens of Carolers went out over two nights to bring Christmas cheer and to share His love.

• Dozens of gifts were purchased off our Snowflake Tree… these gifts go to Placer County Children’s Receiving Home.

As your Pastor I’m so proud. You are such a generous congregation. Giving of your time, talents, and resources has really made a difference this year. Thanks you, thank you, thank you! God does not forget these actions (Heb. 6:10) and when you see Him face-to-face He will reward you for your kindness.

I truly mean it when I say ‘I love being your Pastor’

See you on Sunday.
Pastor Phil

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  • Rene Zamora wrote on January 31, 2011

    Hi Phil, I have attended services the last couple of weeks. Thank you for sharing the Word. I share your excitement in the church giving. How does the Deacons fund work, this is a fund I have interest in giving to. Rene

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